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We offer free estimates for trapping coyote in your neighborhoods, communuties, and farms. If you have observed any coyote near your home or farm, please call us. Coyote are highly dangerous and are a rabies vector species. They also carry numerous parasites including mites, ticks, fleas, worms, and flukes. Verminators Kevin is the most experienced coyote trapper in Georgia and is ready to help.

Call Verminators, expert wildlife trappers, to trap and remove scary coyote creeping around your homes. Verminators are licensed by GA DNR and are ready to trap coyote in Gainesville, Braselton, Flowery Branch, Lake Lanier, Cumming, Dawsonville, Hoschton, Chateau Elan and all of North Georgia.

Per The National Wildlife Control Training Program: The focus of coyote control should be on preventing damage and targeting individual coyotes. It is not necessary nor practical to kill all coyotes. A coyote will probably continue to stalk your neighborhood after the first time if given the opportunity. Control of coyotes is most effective just before or after whelping when 2 generations of coyotes can be removed at once.

  A variety of methods must be used to manage damage by coyote. No single method is effective in every situation. Success usually involves an integrated approach that combines good husbandry practives, exclusion, and frightening techniques with effective lethal removal of individual offending animals.


Coyote Control Methods

Coyote Exclusion Fencing

Most coyote readily cross over, under, or through conventional fences made for residential areas. The response of a coyote to a fence is infuenced by various factors, including the experiance and motivation of the coyote. Total exclusion of all coyotes by fences, especially from large areas, is unlikely. Some coyotes learn to dig under or climb over fences of almost any size. Coyote fences include net-wire fences, electric fences, electric modification of existing fences, portable electric fencing, modification of chain link and other non electric fences.

Frightening Devices

Devices that frighten coyotes are useful for reducing losses during short periods of time, or until the predators are removed. Avoid habituation and increase the effectiveness by varying the position, appearance, duration, or frequency of the stimuli, or use them in combination. Some audio and visual devices include bells and radios, propane exploders, bright lights, vehicles, live stock guard animals.  

Shooting and Trapping

The shooting of coyotes is legal in many situations, and it often ranks high amoung the choices for removing a predator. Safety is a critical factor that may preclude the use of firearms. Local regulations may prohibit shooting and neighboring property may be too close for safe shooting. Trapping can be very effective for eliminating coyote in neighborhoods and communities. There are many different trapping devices and techniques such as foothold traps, cable restraints, cage traps and more.

Coyote Awareness

Per The National Wildlife Control Training Program, coyotes typically are not considered a threat to humans, though several documented attacks have occured, including 1 that resulted in the death of a human. Children are at greatest risk. Researchers have created an ascending scale that may be useful in evaluating the likelyhood of an attack by a coyote in some situatons.  

1. An increase in numbers of coyotes on streets and in yards at night.

2. An increase in numbers of coyotes approaching adults or taking pets at night.

3. Early morning or late afternoon observance of coyotes on streets and in parks and yards.

4. Observance of coyotes chasing or taking pets during the day.

5. Coyotes attacking and taking pets on leash or in proximity of the owners.

6. Coyotes chasing joggers, bicyclists, or other adults.

7. Coyotes seen in and around play areas for children, school grounds, and parks during the day.

8. Coyotes acting aggressively toward adults during mid-day.

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