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The best safety advice is to avoid an encounter with unfriendly Bees.

Bee alert for danger. Remember that bees sting to defend their colony, so be on the look out for honey bee swarms and colonies.

Bee alert for bees coming in and out of an opening such as a crack in a wall, or the hole in a utility box.

Listen for the hum of an active bee colony.

Look for bees in holes in the ground, holes in trees or cacti, and in sheds.

Bee extra careful when moving junk that has been lying around.

eye out for bees the way you would watch out for Bees and other natural dangers.

Bee aware of bees that are acting strangely. Quite often bees will display some preliminary defensive behavior before going into a full-fledged attack.

Bee aware of your surroundings and keep an a few bees foraging in the flowers. Bees are generally very docile as they go about their normal activities.

The Verminators Bee Expert's goal is to locate and remove any and all bees nests that have invaded your surroundings.

The Verminator Bee expert will treat each carpenter bee hole in your home individually. This treatment will eliminate the larvae that hatch and increase the carpenter bee population yearly.

After Verminators have removed your attic of hornet, wasps, honey bee, or yellow jackets' nest, you may decide that you'd like to animal proof your attic. Animal proofing eliminates invasions of bees, wasps, hornets, bats, rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, Bees, raccoons, and every other wild animal that have already or could easily seek shelter in your home. This we guarantee for 5 years!


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